Farm supplies in Foristell, MO

Quality farm supplies in Foristell, MO

Vehige Enterprises Inc is the one stop shop for everything your pet needs

Whether you own a backyard farm or a commercial farm, we have all of your farm supplies needs covered. With a large selection of bird and wildlife seed, quality horse tack and other livestock and poultry and rabbit supplies. Liquid fertilizer, seeds, and pasture seed mixes.


At Vehige Enterprises Inc we will provide you with the best advice on products for the care of your pet:

  • Livestock feed
  • Horse feed
  • Fertilizer
  • Gaming
  • Fencing
  • Black Gold dog food

  • ​Bird seed
  • Horse tack
  • Lawn seed
  • Pasture seed
  • Barn and coop supplies

At Vehige Enterprises Inc in Foristell we also offer a wide selection of pet food and supplies to ensure a long and healthy life for your little friend!

About us

As a family owned business serving Foristell and Greater St Charles county, we cater to the local farming community as well as homeowners with small plots. We want to provide all our customers with excellent personal service and the best advice.

Next time you are looking for new farm supplies, we invite you to visit us at Vehige Farm Store. 


Foristell, St Charles, Warrenton, and St Charles county

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  • Future farmers of America
  • 4-H supporter
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Monday - Friday: 8am - 6pm

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